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Founded in 1607 to serve the English speaking population of Amsterdam, we continue to welcome worshippers from many countries, denominations and backgrounds. We provide fellowship for visitors and support for short term Netherlands residents. The church is also used for regular worship by two Dutch-language Protestant groups. Mission is always part of the life of the Church, and we encourage our members to see that their life and work is part of their share in mission, in this country and abroad. We currently support the Mulanje Mission Hospital in Malawi where two of our members served as doctors.


Christ Church – possibly the oldest Presbyterian Church in the New World – is a lively, diverse and culturally rich congregation with members and visitors from all over the world. Our mission is to embrace all who come to worship, to be an effective witness in Bermuda, demonstrating faith in action, and to share in Christian outreach worldwide. This regularly includes support for overseas mission trips to Central & South America.


Ecumenical in membership and outlook, our congregation, only founded in 1996, has already been a church home to people from all five continents and from widely diverse faith backgrounds. Special links are maintained via our two part-time pastors to their respective home churches, the United Church of Christ (USA) and the Church of Scotland.

We have adopted a partner project in Nagaland, one of the few majority Christian areas in India. Organised and run by the Zeme-speaking Baptist church of the region, it aims to provide grants to students from poorer backgrounds in order to study theology in the renowned Eastern Theological College, Assam, then serve in parishes "far from the beaten track".


St Andrew's Church of Scotland is an international, multiracial congregation from many Christian traditions, worshipping in a building erected in 1925 as a memorial to Presbyterians who died in Belgium during the First World War.  A thriving congregation of more than 30 different nationalities – the largest numbers coming from the UK and Ghana – we have a strong commitment to outreach and mission, reflected in the daily life of the Church, which is twinned with Christ Presbyterian Church, Adentan, Ghana. We also support the Ladybrand Hospice, South Africa.


In 1841 the Scottish Mission was founded with the twofold purpose of evangelism to the Jews and revival of the Hungarian Churches. The ministry expanded over time, founding a children’s hospital, a Girls’ School, and German and English-speaking congregations. During the post-war years the Scottish Mission continued in a limited capacity under the leadership of Hungarian Reformed Ministers – but Scottish ministers returned here in the early 1990s and the congregation became known as St. Columba’s Church, undertaking ministry and mission with the Reformed Church in Hungary.

COLOMBO (Sri Lanka)

“The group was one in mind and heart. They shared with one another…” - Netherlee Cottage, Colombo

A Christian haven for many years in a country ravaged by civil strife, paramilitary actions, and by the Tsunami of Boxing Day 2004, St. Andrew’s Church often finds itself called on to minister to those in urgent need – but our ministry is also one of bringing peace to troubled souls.

Long-term projects include Netherlee Cottage – a home for six women, formerly patients at Mulleriyawa Mental Hospital – and Community Concern in Dehiwala, who work with beach shanty residents. A major project to assist Tsunami victims to regain stable lives has now been completed. We also host Netherlee Scout Group, which caters for boys of Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Christian backgrounds.



The Church of Scotland in Geneva has links back to the days of John Knox and John Calvin – indeed we meet in the very building where Calvin lectured, and John Knox ministered. In the 21st century, the congregation is made up of over 30 different nationalities, and offers a place of shelter and inspiration to all who seek Christ. We have two main mission partnerships:

“He has sent me to proclaim recovery of sight to the blind…” - Ekwendeni, Malawi

We support the HIV/AIDS Resource Centre at Ekwendeni hospital and school in Malawi, first by constructing the building, and now by financing the salary of the Supervisor (Stalin Mughandira) and his Assistant (Valele Kandwe) – and through exchange visits between our congregation and the staff and volunteers in Ekwendeni.

In Nepal, two of our members, Graeme and Meena Clugston, work in Lalgadh Mission Hospital treating leprosy sufferers. We aim to develop practical ways to partner them in this work.


Today the small but dedicated congregation is composed mainly of expatriates, some of whom have come to Gibraltar with the British military, while some work within the fast developing financial services industry. Some have come to settle in Gibraltar or to retire. Members come from a variety of denominational backgrounds and some live in Spain. Being a resort with a considerable historical background, there is a significant tourist element – but also some transient visitors. Our ministry and mission is to all – whatever their need when they arrive here.


Our congregation ministers to those seeking English-language worship in the reform tradition in this most cosmopolitan part of Europe. Our mission and outreach also reflects the range of interests of our diverse membership. Among almost a dozen projects are:

Burkina Faso: 4-year education project for the most disadvantaged children of Gaoua, Burkina Faso, directed by Pasteur Gérard Palé, Eglise Protestante Evangelique de Gaoua.

Terre des Hommes: The Scots Kirk has a particular interest in "La Maison" at Massongex in Valais, where children who come to Switzerland from other countries for medical treatment live until their recovery progresses enough for them to go home.


The church is committed to ecumenical co-operation with various church organizations. The building is made available to a Portuguese speaking congregation who are members of the Apostolic Episcopal Church. We have around 60 members, with about 12 nationalities.  Christian worship in all its variety is important to us all and some travel a long way to get to church. Our ministry and mission seek to develop from this base.


“They brought babies to Jesus… he took them in his arms, and blessed them.” - Tugwashanye, Zambia

St Andrew's Scots Church is truly cosmopolitan with a wide variety of nationalities and church backgrounds, from four continents. Malta is an international crossroads – particularly following its accession to the EU – and our ministry and mission reflects this. It’s also a year-round tourist destination. The Andreas Gemeinde of the German Lutheran Church worships in our building, and we have three main mission projects:

Out of Africa... Into Malta: This has grown to become a major refugee mission project for the congregation, particularly after becoming the Presbytery's Mission Project of 2011, and then a Guild Partner Project from 2012-15. It has raised over €300,000 so far, and includes Malta Microfinance.

Dar Tereza Spinelli: a halfway house in Valletta for homeless women, and those who are the victims of domestic violence.

Zambia: we are the prime supporters of HIV/AIDS mission work among hundreds of children undertaken by a Maltese nun, Sister Catherine Farrugia, at Tugwashanye.


“Let the children come to me…” The street children find a home – Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Scots Kirk, with origins going back to 1858, and a tradition of worship which has included royalty, presidents, prime ministers and Olympic champion Eric Liddell, also has strong mission traditions. When the 1940 German occupation forced the church to close, Rev Donald Caskie moved his ministry to Marseilles, where his mission included his work for the French Resistance.

Re-established in the heart of the city, this congregation still reaches out to those in need, from the streets of Paris – working with a Roman Catholic brotherhood through their hostel – to supporting orphanages in seven villages north of Mzuzu in Malawi. This work is co-ordinated by Victoria Mazunda, and her husband Rev. Overtoun Mazunda – both former elders of The Scots Kirk. We also have a missionary partner in Ekwendeni Girls’ School, Helen Scott.


“Go to all peoples, everywhere. And I will be with you always…” - Ordination of elders, Rome

St Andrew's Church ministers to Christians from many different traditions and lands, right in the heart of Rome. Practical mission work includes a major commitment to provide hundreds of packed lunches to refugees twice a week on Thursday and Friday. During the winter months we work together with the Salvation Army to give food, hot tea and blankets to the homeless, and we also go out to the homeless in partnership with the Sant’Egidio Community.

Internationally we are involved in projects in North East India (Mauphlang Orphanage, near Shillong in Maghalaya State), the Balkans (the Ecumenical Women’s Initiative in Croatia and the Women to Women programme in Bosnia), and Ghana (a literacy programme in conjunction with a US Presbyterian church, and we are working to establish a twinning relationship with Osu North Presbyterian Church in Accra).


The English Language Congregation was founded in 1991 under the auspices of Prof Hans Schwarz of the Dept of Protestant Theology at teh University of Regensburg and as part of the outreach of Neupfarrkirche in the city centre.  Since 2000, the congregation has been closely associated with the univesity's Protestant Chaplaincy (ESG), and shares their worship space.


Formed in 1643, the church maintains its connection with the Church of Scotland, but the congregation is truly international. Based in the heart of the city, it aims to serve the needs of people of many nationalities and different denominational backgrounds living in Rotterdam, Delft, The Hague and other towns in the south-west of The Netherlands, with many travelling a considerable distance to worship. Our mission projects include:

Mamre – an interdenominational hospitality initiative for foreigners in the city.

SKIN Samen Kerk in Nederland – an independent organisation for migrant Christians.

Lerato – a community ministries project in Pretoria, SA, reaching out to girls-at-risk.


A small but enthusiastic congregation – many of African origin – bringing its distinctive ministry to Christians from many backgrounds whose journeys have taken them to Turin. Our mission is to immigrants, refugees, and the homeless here, and we support the Heart Aid Trust in Nigeria, which maintains a flat in Turin for patients sent here for heart operations.

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